Polo Park trip to the Kennedy Space Center

Polo Park Middle School trip to the Kennedy Space Center
Posted on 02/21/2020
Kennedy Space Center tripOn February 7th, 102 eighth graders from Polo Park Middle School went on a trip to the Kennedy Space Center where students explored the many exhibits within the facility.

“We wanted all our eighth graders to have a great experience and a great memory of middle school,” said James Ring, one of the coordinators of the trip. “It is the best time I’ve had in my sixteen years of teaching.”

The students observed different space shuttles and went through a simulation that let them experience what a space shuttle taking off felt like. They also learned about the various missions that took place in the Space Center itself.

A bus tour showed the students where the rockets launch from and gave them a chance to see the actual command center that helped launch an actual Apollo mission.

There were many other fun activities to do on the trip, such as a slide that took patrons from the second story to the first in the Atlantis building. Students even enjoyed the opportunity to shop for souvenirs like sweatshirts, water bottles, and different space themed gifts.

8th grader Reid Snider said, ”It was fun to hang out with friends. My favorite part was the Atlantis and Saturn V buildings.”

The students left the school at 6:30 in the morning and returned back at 8:00 in the evening.

The trip cost $70 to go on and covered the bus and entry fees. Students that paid received a shirt as well that they wore on the trip.

Astronaut Statue